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Medsave sober living is a crucial ingredient to addiction recovery and long-term sobriety.  Clients residing in recovery homes are supervised by a house manager. In addition, clients are responsible for paying nominal rent, maintaining the home, finding employment, and participating in an intensive outpatient program. Meanwhile, weekly drug testing helps maintain the integrity of our sober living program. Medsave sober living clients are typically required to attend   12-step meetings  in the local area. We strongly suggest joining this support group as a crucial bridge back to the “real” world. Most importantly, Medsave transitional living provides a safe, comfortable environment with support, guidance, and accountability. In this setting, they can work on themselves and engage in healthy lifestyles and work opportunities. Medsave Sober living programs are located throughout the Columbus area.


What is a Sober Living (or Halfway) House?

Sober living homes (or halfway houses) are typically group residences that provide a drug and alcohol-free atmosphere for those in addiction recovery. Most who enter a sober community have recently completed an  addiction treatment  program, or are currently attending a step-down outpatient program. Moreover, Medsave recovery houses offer independence and accountability. While sober homes typically have a house manager, each halfway house is governed by the rules enforced by the clients living there.
Medsave sober living helps clients stay dedicated to their recovery goals. This is accomplished in part through promoting participation in support groups and establishing healthy relationships with others in recovery.  Individuals in halfway houses are free to attend school, go to work, and continue with outpatient addiction treatment. However, it is paramount to understand that complete abstinence is a condition of living there. As a result, frequent drug screens are performed to protect the integrity of our sober living environment.

Medsave Sober Living is a Team Sport

The drug and alcohol-free environment are obvious benefits of sober living. However, a lesser known benefit relates to teammates and camaraderie. Studies have shown that those who have a strong social support system are more be likely to be successful in recovery long term. At the same time, clients have a built-in social network surrounding them. Your roommates are also in recovery and you have the opportunity to support them and help each other. Whether it’s a difficult day or one to cheer on a milestone, your sober living roommates will provide you with a ton of support.  In fact, you are supported by people who have the same EXACT goals as you do! Those who are further along in recovery typically support newbies.

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