One-on-One Therapy for Addiction

One-on-one (or individual) therapy sessions offer clients a safe space to look inward and discover the intricate nature behind their addictions. Specifically, we maintain a low 7:1 client-therapist ratio. In this way, clients can learn how to resolve and heal each specific underlying issue. At Medsave Addiction Treatment Center, we believe that each client has a unique situation. In one-on-one therapy, we assist our clients in recognizing behavior patterns that have overtaken their life. Ultimately, we aim to heal the pain of the past, so clients can lead a healthy, sober life. Addiction can be a difficult problem to treat due to individual differences that must be addressed before change can take place. A variety of treatment plan options are available. In one-on-one therapy for addiction, clients face their problems head-on. Once they accept the truth of their addiction, they are ready to begin the journey to recovery. One-on-one therapy can lead them to acceptance, and prepare them for the fight to get clean and stay sober.


Denial Can Be a Big Obstacle for Recovery

Denial is one of the biggest obstacles for most addicts. They fear the sense of failure that accompanies acceptance, or they fear the consequences they believe admission will bring. They hide their addiction and do not take the steps needed to recover from it. They would prefer to conceal it rather than be honest about it. For many, group therapy would not be a successful treatment option alone because it requires acceptance of oneself as one of the group. Until clients can come to terms with the truth about their own addiction, they are not ready to benefit from the group. This is where individual therapy can play a vital role, guiding them to that acknowledgement.
Medsave Clinic one-on-one therapy provides the safety of anonymity for someone who has not dealt honestly with their own addiction. A trained addiction counselor will listen both to what the clients are saying as well as to what they are not saying. Then, therapists can apply their listening skills and expertise to pose specific questions useful in navigating a denial situation. The security of this environment may be where the addict finally comes to terms with their demons and can admit their substance abuse and addiction. Additionally, clients may be scared of losing their job or the confidence of their family if they admit to an addiction problem. Thankfully, our therapists are trained to handle the revelation of how addiction will impact family and work life.

Individual Therapy Provides a Safe Space

Some clients may be too scared or shy to participate in  group therapy  at first. They typically need the more gradual approach provided in individual therapy. For these clients, one-on-one therapy creates the opportunity to assess individual beliefs that may be holding them back. Group therapy does not offer the individual time or a personalized environment to uncover barriers to treatment. After these barriers have been dealt with, group therapy is often found to be more useful.

Benefits of Individual Addiction Therapy

Individual therapy can be more than just a release of emotions by talking things out with a good listener. It can bring about a number of other advantages that recovering individuals can take with them once graduated from treatment. Some of the many benefits of Medsave Clinic’s individual therapy include:

Identifying harmful, repetitive behaviors resulting from alcohol or drug use.
Addressing destructive thought patterns which can bring about negative behaviors.
Acceptance of self so that healing can begin.
Development of self-accountability.
Identifying scarred relationships with family or friends.
Developing and maintaining specific and individualized recovery goals.

One-On-One Therapy at Simple Path Recovery

Medsave Addiction treatment center offers individuals at all stages of addiction treatment the ability to take advantage of individualized therapy. Typically, patients will attend 1-2 individual sessions per week, depending on where they are regarding recovery or treatment. This means that during your time with us, you’ll have the chance to become comfortable with the therapy process, learn to open up, and recognize the value of one-on-one therapy. If you think that you or a loved one can benefit from our drug rehab services, call us today at 6145053126. Our experienced therapists are the most vital part of our addiction treatment center.

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