What is Outpatient (OP) Addiction Treatment?

Outpatient (OP) addiction treatment is a method of alcohol or drug rehabilitation in which clients visit an addiction treatment center, hospital, clinic, or therapist on an appointment basis (much the same as regular doctor). These programs usually include individual and group therapy, and are most suitable for individuals who have stepped down from partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient.
The biggest distinction between outpatient and inpatient programs is the living arrangements during treatment. While inpatient programs offer 24-hour supervision and demands residence at a treatment property, outpatient programs allow you to live at home while receiving treatment. As a result, clients in outpatient face minimal interruption to work or school while still being able to join a peer-oriented addiction program. At medsave Clinic addiction treatment center., we offer OP services during the course of the week that accommodate client schedules.


When is Outpatient Right for You?

Outpatient rehab is most appropriate for people who have already progressed through partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient levels of care. It is also suitable for clients who may have moderate addiction issues but have strong familial support. Typically, outpatient clients are low risk in terms of withdrawal symptoms.
Outpatient treatment may not be a fitting choice if you (or a family member) have acute drug or alcohol addiction. In these instances, the risk of severe withdrawal symptoms and problems is high, and a medically supervised detox is advised. It is also not recommended for clients with dual diagnosis or chronic relapse, unless it is a continuation of addiction care from higher levels of care.

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